Put a Little Away Each Payday for a Happy Holiday!

Save money with Christmas Club

Putting away a little money into a Christmas Club Account* each payday alleviates the financial burden of the holiday season. Christmas Clubs can be opened any time of the year.

Benefits: Just $5 to open and deposits can be made by cash, direct deposit or payroll deduction.

Dividend Period: Dividends will be compounded and credited to the account quarterly.

Minimum Balance: None. Dividends begin accruing with the first deposit.

Disbursement: Accounts are automatically disbursed via check or transfer to the specified account on November 1st. Your Christmas Club account will automatically renew for the next year.

Make the holidays affordable this year – open your Christmas Club Account today!

*Any withdrawal prior to November 1st will require the account to be closed and will incur a $7 early closure fee. Christmas Club account cannot be reopened until the following January.