Get a Loan that Gives Back to YOU!

Get a Loan that Gives Back to You

When you finance a new or used vehicle or refinance an auto from another lender, you’ll get a loan that gives back to you – up to $500 cash back!1



  • Great, low rates starting at 3.50% APR1
  • Terms available up to 72 months
  • Up to $500 cash back2
  • No payments for up to 90 days3


1APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are based on creditworthiness and are subject to change without notice. Loan rates and terms are accurate as of 04/01/2019. The as low as 3.50% APR excludes applicable discounts for various SPCO products and services. A fixed rate loan for $30,000 based on a 3.50% APR paid over 48 months would have 48 monthly payments of $670.68. Current SPCO auto loans are not eligible for this refinance offer. 2Up to $500 cash incentive equal to one percent (1%) of the vehicle loan balance financed at SPCOCU. 1% of a $30,000 loan amount is $300. Cash back bonus will be deposited into the member’s SPCO savings account at loan closing. Cash back is subject to all applicable taxes and is your responsibility. Current SPCO auto loans are not eligible. You must be current on your loan to qualify. 3Maximum no payments for 90 days available to qualifying members. Offer expires June 28, 2019.