One Step Ahead

We know – rising inflation is zapping you of your hard-earned money faster and faster each month. We’re all trying to keep up with the rising costs of the basic things we need to live.

SPCO Credit Union has a long history of helping members through tough times and this is no exception. If you are looking for ways to stretch your dollar, we’re ready to help.

  1. Refinance your auto loan for a lower rate and/or payment.
  2. Apply for a loan skip-a-payment for a little extra cushion.
  3. Invest in a certificate account to insulate against inflation and get guaranteed returns.
  4. Consider a small personal loan or credit card to help make ends meet.

At SPCO, we want you to be in better financial shape when you walk out our doors than when you walk in.

Talk to us about how we can help get a step ahead of rising inflation.

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