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To add a member, you will need to complete a new signature card, which you and the joint member sign where indicated. To remove a joint member, all joint members listed on the account need to agree to the removal. New signature cards are required.
Yes! Any member of your immediate family can become a member.
  • Individual accounts can only be accessed by the individual member. No other person can conduct transactions.
  • Joint Accounts – Any person(s) on the account can make transactions (deposits, withdrawals, etc.)
You may apply for a loan as soon as you become a member. There is no waiting period for loan qualification.
Payroll deduction changes must be initiated with your employer. Check with your payroll office to see if they can send payroll funds to SPCO Credit Union.
  • Safe – Your paycheck is protected against loss or theft.
  • Worry-free – Now you can be assured that your check is deposited, even when you are away from home.
  • Saves time – You no longer have to make special trips to the credit union or stand in line on payday.
  • Convenient – No more waiting for the mail. Your deposits will be made automatically.
  • Helps you qualify for discounts on your SPCO loans.
  • This service is free to all participating SPCO Credit Union members.
  • Your check stub from your paycheck is your permanent record.

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