At SPCO Credit Union, we make the process of buying a car convenient and affordable. We’ll walk you through buying a car and help you save money in the process. We also offer special discounts of up to 0.75%* off of your approved auto loan rate. With excellent rates, fewer fees, and convenient payment options, SPCO Credit Union makes purchasing your next vehicle easy.

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Access our free car-buying site to help locate your next new or used car, as well as, find reputable dealers in your area! Search by make, model, price range, and location.

For information on new and used auto prices, tools and information, check out the NADA website. Be sure to use our loan calculator to estimate your loan payments before you decide on your top vehicle picks.

*Loan Discounts - SPCO Members can get a 0.25% discount for each of the following SPCO products services (up to a maximum discount of 0.75%APR*): SPCO Checking Account, MasterCard, GAP Insurance, Extended Warranty or Debt Protection Insurance, Payroll Deduction Service, and Auto Draft. Contact us to learn more.

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