Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals. And that means giving members great rates on loans and a quick loan application process to save time and make your life easier. Whether you are purchasing a new car, buying a home, paying for college or remodeling, see how SPCO Credit Union can help.

  • Vehicle Loans

    At SPCO Credit Union, we make the process of buying a car convenient and affordable. We’ll walk you through buying a car and help you save money in the process. Learn More

  • Mortgage Loans

    Finding the right mortgage is just as important as finding the right house. A mortgage loan is the largest debt that most Americans will incur during their lifetime. With the right mortgage, you’ll set yourself up for homeowner success! Learn More

  • Personal Loans

    SPCO offers personal loans to cover a variety of needs, so you have the money when you need it. With low-interest rates, fast loan processing, and convenient repayment terms, it’s easy to keep your finances in order. Learn More

  • Credit Cards

    We’ve partnered with MasterCard® to offer you outstanding purchasing power for everyday needs – shopping, travel and much more! Learn More

  • Share Secured

    Do you have money at SPCO Credit Union but need a loan? Qualified members can borrow up to the full amount of their savings or certificate account with some of the lowest interest rates around. Learn More

  • Apply for a Loan

    Here you can apply for one of the many loans offered from SPCO Credit Union! Learn More

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